Read about the journey of how the plant that grows in Himalayan mountains, become the potent drop in Europe.  


Company is producing DAKNANG herbal liquid extracts from native Himalayan healing plants. These plants are harvested from ecologically clean areas of the Himalayan region. Some herbs are grown on a private plantations of Dr. Sherab in Nepal and Bhutan.

DAKNANG formulas are based on over 2500 year old Traditional Tibetan Medicine that have been used with constantly observed positive and no adverse effects on human health. 

Multi-component herbal recipes are at the center of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, providing a unique, advantageous and safe treatment practice.


Our liquid herbal extracts are made by a know-how technology through using organic grain alcohol and applying innovative ultrasonic-assisted cold extraction methods, extracting biologically active substances from Himalayan medicinal plants & minerals.

All of the Pure Vision Sorig Ltd. products are being manufactured in the European Union in accordance with internationally recognized guidelines to food safety management systems, the ISO 22000 standard, API, COSMOS and Organic Food Production manufacturing standards.

L.Ē.V. Extract Factory Ltd., is our main contractor and is providing turn-key solution for the whole production cycle of plant-based biologically active ingredients for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.


We are thoroughly researching medicinal plants and ancient Himalayan medical legacy to select and offer the best vital products that will enhance health, calm mind and promote well-being.

We work very closely with professional partners from universities, health care institutions and ordinary customers to provide original, quality products.


We are using ethanol (organic grain alcohol 39-69% vol.) in order to provide MAXIMUM POTENCY and maintain natural balance of biologically active substances. 

Ethanol is a GREAT CARRYING AGENT, which facilitates the absorption of the herbal constituents into the bloodstream. 

Ethanol is an EXCELLENT NATURAL PRESERVATIVE, which maximizes the shelf life of the extracts.