Terminalia belerica བ་རུ་ར།

Terminalia belerica བ་རུ་ར།

English name: Beleric myrobalan

Tibetan name: Ba-ru-ra (བ་རུ་ར)

Location: found in India, Nepal and China between 400 to 1300 meters altitude in the forests

Part used: fruit (འབྲས་བུ་)

Taste and potency: astringent taste (རོ་བསྐ་བ་); bitter post-digestive taste (ཞུ་རྗེས་ཁ་བ་); generally neutral, light, cool, blunt and dry potency (ནུས་པ་ཡང་ལ་བསིལ་ཞིང་རྟུལ་ལ་སྐམ་པའོ་)

Profound value of Terminalia belerica in Tibetan Medicine:

  • Balancing the Three Humors (འདུ་བ་སྙོམས་): According to Tibetan Medicine, health is governed by the equilibrium of three vital energies known as Wind (རླུང་), Tripa (མཁྲིས་པ་), and Beken (བད་ཀན་). Beleric myrobalan harmonizing these humors, restoring balance, and promoting overall well-being. It is especially effective for combined Tripa and Beken disorders. 
  • Digestive Harmony (ཟས་འཇུ་): Beleric Myrobalan shines as a beacon of digestive wellness. It aids in digestion, promotes bowel regularity, and alleviates gastrointestinal discomfort. Whether addressing indigestion, bloating, or constipation, this botanical gem offers gentle yet effective relief, restoring harmony to the digestive system.
  • Detoxification and Cleansing (ནད་སྦྱོངབ་དང་ཁོང་སྲིན་འཇོམས་): Beleric Myrobalan is revered for its detoxifying properties in Tibetan Medicine. It aids in the elimination of toxins from the body, purifying the blood, and supporting the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys. By promoting detoxification, it rejuvenates the body, enhances vitality, and fosters overall health and longevity.
  • Eye Health (མིག་ནད་): According to Tibetan Medicine, Beleric Myrobalan is prized for its benefits to ocular health. It helps nourish the eyes, alleviate eye strain, and promote clarity of vision. Whether addressing common eye ailments or supporting long-term eye health, this botanical treasure offers holistic support for the windows to the soul.
  • Anti-inflammatory Action (མཁྲིས་པའི་ནད་དང་མཛེ་ནད): Beleric Myrobalan exhibits significant anti-inflammatory properties, making it a valuable ally in the management of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and skin disorders. It helps reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and promote tissue healing, enhancing quality of life and overall well-being.
  • Lymph disorders  (ཆུ་སེར་): Beleric Myrobalan is also renowned in Tibetan Medicine for its efficacy in treating lymph disorders. It supports lymphatic circulation, aids in the drainage of toxins and waste products, and promotes the proper functioning of the lymphatic system. Whether addressing lymphedema, swollen lymph nodes, or other lymphatic imbalances, this botanical marvel offers comprehensive support for lymphatic health.


According to the Second Tibetan Medicine Tantra (བཤད་པའི་རྒྱུད།):


Ba-ru-ra cures the combines disorders of Beken and Tripa, and lymph disorders. 


Present in Daknang formulas:

  • DAKNANG 10
  • DAKNANG 13
  • DAKNANG 16
  • DAKNANG 69
  • DAKNANG 100




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