Asphaltum punjabianum བྲག་ཞུན་

Asphaltum punjabianum བྲག་ཞུན་

English nameShilajit / Mumiyo

Tibetan name: Drag-shun (བྲག་ཞུན་)

Part used: resin (ཚི་བ་)

Taste and potency: bitter and sweet taste (རོ་ཁ་ཞིང་མངར་བ་); bitter post-digestive taste (ཞུ་རྗེས་ཁ་བ་); cooling potency (ནུས་པ་བསིལ་)


Profound value of Asphaltum punjabianum in Tibetan Medicine:

  • Liver and blood disorders (མཆིན་དང་ཁྲག་): inflammation and “heat” of the liver. Red and dry eyes. Age spots on the skin, drying or darkening due to impaired liver function. Anemia and blood pressure disturbances. Diseases of the liver, accompanied by an increase in "bad blood” (ངན་ཁྲག་). Effectively cleanses the blood and liver. Headaches due to “heat" in the liver. Joint inflammations  (གྲུམ་བུ). Also given to “hot” kidney disorders and urinary obstruction (ཆུ་འགགས་). 
  • Purification: cleanses the liver, blood and digestive system. Improves blood circulation in the vessels of the liver. Helps to lose weight. Possesses antitoxic action. Clears “hot” types of poisoning (དུག་ཚད་). Supports body when taking strong chemical medications (e.g. antibiotics, chemotherapy). 
  • Brown Beken (བད་ཀན་སྨུག་པོ་): chronic digestive disorders. Stomach pain, heartburn, ulcers, chronic gastritis. Chronic disorders in which you are eating well but unable to gain weight, feel constant fatigue and lose the skin radiance. Improves digestion and appetite, without promoting weight gain. Balances blood sugar and fat metabolism. 
  • Chudlen (བཅུད་ལེན་): generally considered to be the Chudlen of the stomach, liver and eyes. Gives energy and increases one’s life span་. Gives energy to weak, old and frail. Heals old wounds. Cures infertility for both men and women.


According to the Second Tibetan Medicine Tantra (བཤད་པའི་རྒྱུད།):

།བྲག་ཞུན་ཚད་པའོ་ནད་རྣམས་ཀུན་ལ་ཕན། །ཁྱད་པར་ཕོ་མཆིན་མཁལ་ཚད་སེལ་བའི་མཆོག

Drak-shun pacifies all types of fever and is particularly effective in pacifying fever associated with the stomach, liver and kidneys. 


Present in Daknang formulas:

  • DAKNANG 16
  • DAKNANG 100
  • DAKNANG 108




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