Bambusa arundinacea ཅུ་གང་

Bambusa arundinacea ཅུ་གང་

English name: Bamboo pith resin

Tibetan name: Chu-gang (ཅུ་གང་)

Part used: resin (ཚི་བ་)

Taste and potency: astringent and slightly sweet taste (རོ་བསྐ་ལ་ཅུང་མངར་ཉམས་ལྡན་); bitter post-digestive taste (ཞུ་རྗེས་ཁ་བ་); cooling, blunt and moist potency (ནུས་པ་བསིལ་ལ་རྟུལ་ཞིང་རླན་པའོ་)


Profound value of Bambusa arundinacea in Tibetan Medicine:

  • Lung disorders (གློ་ནད་): it "cools down" the lungs and helps to combat lungs disorders with "heat" and fever (གློ་ཚད་). I t helps clear congestion, soothe irritated airways, and promote easier breathing. Whether used in herbal formulations or as a standalone remedy, Bamboo Resin offers invaluable support for respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and coughs associated with "heat", irritation and fever.
  • Immune Support (རིམས་ནད་): Bamboo Resin lowers fever, reduces inflammation, and fortifies the immune system, empowering the body's natural defenses against pathogens and ailments.
  • Wound healing (རྨ་བཇོས་པ་): Bamboo Resin helps to speed up wound healing and treats fever and infections associated with wounds. It also heals fever of the bones (ཚད་པ་རུས་ལ་ཞེན་པ་). It helps reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, promote tissue regeneration, accelerate wound healing, and prevent infections.
  • Bamboo resin is one of the Six Excellent Drugs and is used in many formulas.


According to the Second Tibetan Medicine Tantra (བཤད་པའི་རྒྱུད།):


Chu-gang cures all disorders of the lungs and fever associated with wounds. 


Present in Daknang formulas:

  • DAKNANG 69
  • DAKNANG 100



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