Made through a balance of nature and science

Consciously Made Natural products


Herbal Food Supplements

We offer the unique selection of DAKNANG herbal food supplements. Most of the formulas are derived from the ancient Himalayan knowledge of Healing, which is originally called Sowa Rigpa in Tibetan, or in short SO-RIG. Some formulas are created personally by Doctor Sherab Tenzin (Master of Sowa Rigpa Traditional Medical Science) in accordance with the ancient texts, wisdom, inspiration and love for the herbs. Formulations are based on more than a 20 years of Dr. Sherab Tenzin clinical practice. A liquid herbal extract is a concentrated solution made by pulling the biologically active constituents out of the wild crafted Himalayan plants. Liquid Herbal Extract is an excellent alternative to herbal teas, tablets or capsules.


Cosmetic Ingredients: Infused Herbal Oil

DAKNANG has created the finest collection of infused herbal oils prepared from Himalayan plants in accordance with eastern natural perfection and rejuvenation knowledge. Different plants parts are used in our herbal cosmetic blends – fruits, seeds, leaves, flowers, roots, barks, resins, twigs and wood. Herbal oil is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Discover the body care through the use of the unique synergies of healing herbs and carrier oils.


Herbal Handmade Soap

DAKNANG has started to create the collection of handmade soap, made by melting and pouring organic soap base with adding extracts of wild-crafted Himalayan herbs, powdered species as well as pure essential oils.