Daknang 9 Himalayan Nettle herbal oil

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March 25, 2017
Daknang 11 Meditation & Yoga herbal oil
March 25, 2017

Daknang 9 Himalayan Nettle herbal oil


Infused herbail oil. Warming & pain relieving.


DAKNANG 9 HIMALAYAN NETTLE HERBAL OIL combines botanical power of wild-crafted Himalayan stinging nettle leaves infused in organic vegetable oils.

Emerald-green herbal oil with a pleasant floral aroma can be incorporated into any sports massage before or after workout. It is ideal for toning and warming muscles prior exercises and for relieving aches, pains and stiffness after sports and other physical activities. DAKNANG 9 is created to relax tired muscles and to ease muscular spasms, tension and pain as well as to relieve discomfort from age related conditions.

Massage with nettle oil helps to get skin whitening and lifting effect, reduces wrinkles and treats acne. Massage with nettle oil gives a warming effect, relaxes the muscles, tones the skin, improves blood circulation, and relieves muscle and joint pain. The oil makes the skin smooth and flawless; it helps cleanse the skin from acne, scars, and age spots, reduces fine lines and prevents the signs of aging.

Nettle contains valuable components that have anti-inflammatory, soothing and wound-healing properties, so the massage with oil helps to heal wounds and damaged skin.

The active substances of nettle are a powerful natural antioxidant. Nettles are rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, K, and is a source of iron, potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon dioxide, iodine, silicon, sodium and sulfur has a high content of proteins and amino acids.

Oil is especially well suited for use in conditioning curly, wavy, textured and all hair types that benefit from significant hydration and moisturizing. It also helps to significantly soothe and moisturize the scalp and assist with dry and problem scalp concerns. Nettle extract helps to support natural hair growth and provides exceptional conditioning and moisturizing to the hair and scalp when used as a hot oil treatment, deep conditioner or hair pomade. It is also effective when added into shampoos, scalp treatments and other hair and scalp formulations.

Weight N/A

150 ml, 1L



Herbal oil uses

  • as a complement for any kind of therapeutic massages;
  • for daily SPA treatments and body care rituals;
  • as a ready cosmetic and body care products enrichment;
  • as a natural ingredient for professional and homemade skincare products, soap making and aromatherapy.
  • as moisturizing body oil, rub into hands and then massage into desired areas. To use in hair, rub into hands and massage evenly into scalp. The oil can also be used as a regular moisturizing and nourishing skin care body after a shower, sunbathing or in the cold season. Soothing for the skin and nourishing for the hair from root to tip. This oil is suitable for sensitive skin and scalp. The best effect when used to massage course.
  • if desired, the nettle oil can be supplemented with essential oils of black pepper, ginger and cedar.
  • suitable for all skin types.
  • apply the oil directly on the hair for 30 minutes, gently massage oil into the scalp, wash or rinse after.