Daknang 2 Calming Herbal Oil

Daknang 11 Meditation & Yoga herbal oil
March 25, 2017
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Menjong Tea
May 16, 2017

Daknang 2 Calming Herbal Oil


Infused herbal oil. Calming inner energy. Tranquility for the body and mind.


Formulated using healing Himalayan herbs and finest carrier oils, DAKNANG 2 CALMING HERBAL  OIL is recommended to be used in therapeutic massage, SPA, daily body care treatments and bedtime rituals.

This calming synergetic herbal formula DAKNANG 2 is created to sooth the nerves and provide relaxing effect to the body and mind, alleviate nervous tension, anxiety and fatigue. It offers calming and antidepressant effect, promotes healthy sleep, deep rest and relaxation, calming influence on the nerves and emotions. It is intended to be used with the traditional method of head and foot massage at night before going to bed.

This oil’s distictive characteristic is Wind energy regulation, which accompanies every motion in the body: swallowing, breathing, thinking, nerve impulses, muscle movements, urination, menstruation, bowel movements etc. Unblocks the flow of stagnant energies, promotes delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, as well as elimination of toxins. Moistens and lubricates stiff joints. Relieves nerve pain and numbness, as well as muscle cramps and spasms. Helps to rejuvenate and strengthens the body. Promotes digestion and smoothens the skin. Provides grounding effect for mind, while sharpening sense organs and improving memory.

Weight N/A

150 ml, 1L

Herbal oil uses

  • massage this oil into your head and feet for a rejuvenating night of rest. For the best result, use it after bath and before bed time;
  • as a complement for any kind of therapeutic relaxing massages;
  • for daily SPA treatments and body care rituals;
  • as a ready cosmetic and body care products enrichment;
  • as a natural ingredient for professional and homemade skincare products, soap making and aromatherapy